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Prince Harry: Is he really "Spare"?

Prince Harry's memoir sold more than 1.4 million copies the day it was published. Wow.

Written by R Moehringer, Harry didn't even write it himself. The book covers Harry's life from his teenage years to the present day, his life with his wife, Meghan Markle, and all the events with his family.

Let's get started:

First, where does the embracing of "Spare" come from? It is definitely a manifestation of his Sun in the 8th house. By the way, Harry, with Mercury conjunct Vesta, can actually dedicate himself to his brother (or children/young people in general).

Harry is, in fact, a character who is expected to be boring, a Virgo sun, ascendant Capricorn, and moon in Taurus. So how did such a reliable earth triangle get loose enough to write a book that spills all the dirt on his family? Although it should not be unfair to say boring, it is obvious that he will always be seen with his Zeus right beneath his Sun. So, of course, the royal astrologers were going to arrange a birth for him with a strong placement.

If this man came for a consultation, one of the first things I advise is to pick up writing. Because with Mercury in the 8th house squaring his Chiron, he will inevitably hurt his family while talking about his pain. The state of holding things too much inside. Look what happens when you hold too much. He held it in, and it exploded.

Let's look at these lines first: Life resumed. As normal as it could be. I was the Spare. A nullity. A piece of furniture to be moved around. Pa did his best. I suppose. He wasn't really cut out for parenthood. He is more interested in his teddy. And Shakespeare and Nelson Mandela. To be or not to be. Not to be. Willy and I begged him not to marry Camilla. Be with her, if you must. Just don't marry her. Camilla just nodded and phoned the press. Playing the long game. I was just a commodity.

He says Charles isn't a good father. He's made for it, but I think he's well suited to be a father, he's just a bit harsh, and unfortunately, he has a father trauma himself with his Chiron-sun conjunction. Moreover, according to the Uranian principle, his sun conjunct both Chronos and Zeus, of course, shows that Harry is a ruler and suffers a bit from this. Maybe because his reign came so late, which could be a Chronos effect, because of the life he couldn't live because of royalty. I don't know. With a Chiron in the 5th house, which shows our happiness, the joy we get from life, and creativity, can indicate both a wound from the happiness part and suffering from children.

The situation with Camilla's Sun is interesting. It is obvious that they will get along poorly. Camilla's Sun is working with Harry's, Lilith. But since Camilla's Jupiter is in Harry's MC, no matter what she does, no matter how much she calls the press, in the end, it works, benefiting Harry.

Now let's look at this murderous Afghanistan confession; "Afghanistan. Heat. Desert. Taliban. Foreigners. Though I had never really met any. I didn't understand unconscious bias back then. Most of my family still don't. Some men didn't make it back. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones who did. Four years of training to fly Apaches. So who's thick now, Willy? Suck on that. Pressing my finger on the trigger of the cannon. Rebeka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kah. I do not see the Taliban. But the paps. Why not? Sure I killed. Twenty-five was my number. It's what I was there for. I have no guilt. Besides, I was the real victim."

Poseidon, on the Descendant, goes through Afghanistan in an interesting way. There's no mercy for the opponent here. It could be a way of gaining consciousness. By the way, Zeus means explosion, which can also indicate firearms and, at the same time, military service, as well as direct piloting and dropping bombs from above, since it works together with the Chronos-Mars conjunction. So I don't know if he is a victim, but he can kill. He can lead, and he is a strong leader.

And let's talk about Africa, "Africa was where I felt most alive. Lesotho. Botswana. Out in the bush. Looking at the stars. Kissing Chelsy. No paps. No Pa. One night out in the Okavango, a leopard entered the compound. The others were terrified. I embraced it. Hello Mummy, I said. I knew you were waiting for me. The leopard hugged me and left. I felt a connection to something ancient. I must have Africa for my good works. You can't, Harold. Africa is mine. I'm the heir. You can have Australia. Off you go."

The IC: Chiron line runs through Botswana. It could be considered a place where family wounds are healed. So it is meaningful that the midpoint of Chronos- Chiron, which is more interesting in Lesotho and can be used as an indicator of being managed and put in a rough system, and the Chiron, which can show the pain felt because of this, is probably really healing in Africa, and the passage of the Uranus line here may be increasing his awareness. By the way, his brother didn't make a very bad comment when he said Australia is yours. Because in Australia, where the Sun Zeus line passes, he can become very successful, executive, and influential. He can shine easily, and what he does for charity can be seen. But, of course, it should be in the west and east of Australia with Lilith Mc. He can encounter women who will ruin his career and his standing in the public eye.

Well, let's look at the situation of these two brothers. Their lunar nodes are working together, and there is already a karmic connection between them. William's Mercury on Harry's Chiron could easily hurt him with words. Actually, they love each other, and Harry understands the love that William bears for him because of their moon-venus conjunction. Still, in the end, both of them are wounded by their mother's sudden and unfortunate death. By the way, William's Sun conjuncts Harry's dreams or ideals that he wants to realize with a Saturn-Neptune aspect, so while one is dreaming, the other is actually and literally doing it. In fact, that's where the anger of the rivalry comes from.

Both of them have very important indicators that are in conjunction with their mother's Venus, one of them is Harry's Moon and the other is William's Venus, this is already what connects those three, and that is Diana's love...

Willy was furious. He hated that Grandma let me keep my beard. You have to cut it off. I'm the heir. Cut it off. No, we were getting married on my terms. A guaranteed income, a dukedom, and a better house than Grandma's. It was a fairy tale. It was like my mother was alive again. I love you, Meg. I love you, Haz.

And let's talk about Meghan, she is the one... I actually wrote an article about their love before. You can find it on my website.

Enough about the book. Let's talk about Harry's chart. What happened that both the documentary and this book came out so quickly?

First of all, this documentary was good for Harry, even though I couldn't bear to watch it, and it was the right time. Because he's getting solid opposition from Neptune transiting his 2nd house, which is the money house in short, and Neptune shows the screen. If he didn't do this, he would have lost a lot of money. Instead, he made money through the screen. They turned it around and made money, which was a very successful step.

Right now progress Mars is transiting his ascendant. When retro Mercury triggered this, she came out in front of everyone with his book about the past. Of course, many people got angry with him because of the Mars symbolism. So it will get more frustrating. And also, as the launching date was a bad one, the book that was pre-released in Spain was leaked, and they lost a lot of money, yet they are still doing well. But kept in mind not to start or launch anything important next time.

If you ask why the relationship with his brother is bad, Harry and Meghan were separated from the family with the eclipses affecting the family/career part on 4/10 axis last year to start their own. Now, with the eclipses in the house of siblings, things are getting worse with the brother too. Moreover, the 10th house, which shows the brother's wife, is still under the influence of eclipses. Also, the South node is here, and he would never get along with Kate.

Since the Progressed Moon is in the Spica degree, it is possible to say that we will see him shining with "Spare" for another month or two. On the launch day of "Spare," the Sun is on Dheneb, yes, it is a book that will be successful, but there is nothing new in it. It can even be said that what is written is outdated.

Hope you enjoyed it?



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